Welcome to you and to your innermost being.

Hi. My name is Julia and I am a Bodywhisperer.

I have build up mastery across:

  • Bodywork (Physiotherapy / Rolfing® / Neuro Integrative Therapy / Personal Training)
  • Energy work (Shiatsu / Kinesiology / Yoga / Fascial Fitness / Emotional Release Techniques)
  • Mental Work (Integral Practice / NLP / Storytelling)
  • Soulwork (Channeling / Transcendental Meditation)

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Bodywhispering is the mixture of body-, energy-, mind- and soulwork.

„All I asked for was a sign – something that told me, that I was still on my path. And instead of the sign I found love – as if by magic, pure, from deep inside of me. The sign was of no importance any longer.“ (Chris)

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I decided to become the therapist I am, based on my love for and interest in creation and life. I kindly invite you to share this love with me, to develop strategies for coping with the challenges of your life, to thrive on different topics, to become a stable part of your own environment and to be able to claim ownership for your health, your personality, and your story.

„Today I woke up and meditated. Something I did not do for months. Tears came down my face from it…“ (Michael S.)

„I feel so different. So big. You have given me so much light that I seem to shine by myself…“ (David K.)

Being given the chance of using my abilities to serve, is the greatest present I could ever ask for. In these means, the fields of applying my gifts range from therapeutical work to writing and public speaking.

Become your own bodywhisperer with HAYDENSOULWORK.COM .

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I am looking forward to your visit in my Praxis.

„A session with Julia is like a magical journey that aims at deep transformation on all three levels (body, mind and soul). Furthermore, it opens a space in which one feels that the Divine is also involved in the session. … Furthermore, so much love flows out of her that this alone triggers healing impulses. Her lived humility before life is looking for its match. I am incredibly grateful that the universe has led me to Julia. (Britta H.)“

Price and Duration of one Session differ upon Request. Feel free to reach out +491711900446.

Julia Hayden – Kastanienallee 5 – 10435 Berlin +49 171 1900446 DYFH@Haydensoulwork