Julia Hayden



…you are a soul

…you go on a casting for a role in a play: human being on planet earth.

… you win the role which is being exactly this human being that is You.

…you are a human being

…you are not only the one who is in the role you have chosen (which means you are acting and reacting) 
…you are the author of the storyline (you write the plot of this personal life with all its challenges), 
…you are as well the director of the play (you sit above the scene life and you can make changes of the storyline while you play),
…and you are the creator of the stage you find yourself on (you create your surroundings and this world),

…you even are the stage and thus, you are the surroundings, you are this planet earth, you are all there is (and because this is infeasible) 

…you need to make it feasible and this you do by creating struggles (this means, difficult times are essential)

…you are not alone

…you can express your struggles, you can compare, you can grow with us, with all of us souls who play human being as well

…and still, you are the actor, the author, the director, the creator, the stage, the others


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