Course Material

Who is this course for?
This course is for you. To each of us. To people who are attentively engaged with themselves and their existence in the world, and how they interact with others.

  • You value life and would like to get more into your own balance?
  • You are looking for ways to communicate better with your surroundings?
  • You care about our planet?

What is in it for you?

  • Communication on a deep level: Learn the language of your five bodies.
  • Health on a deep level: Achieve a state of well-being and flow.
  • Balance on a deep level: Gain a new appearance and more authenticity in moving, acting and being.
  • Efficiency on a deep level: Learn to live with more ease and to find your reason for being human within.
  • Consciousness on a deep level: Become aware of the yet unknown within and around you.

We will soon launch our next workshops (in German language). For this we have created some online learning material (in both languages),

Click here to learn more.

The Online Material is free of charge and serves as preparation for the actual Workshops.

  • Module 1: Physical Body: Understanding Movement Patterns.
  • Module 2: Energy Body: “The Traditional Chinese Way” to perceive our Organs.
  • Module 3: Psycho-Mental Body. Psychosomatic Chains of Traumas.
  • Module 4: Subtle Body. Reconciling with our Inner Being.
  • Module 5: Kausal Body. Balancing our Five Bodies.

Find the Intro to the Modules (and who we are) here. (Video for German Speakers).

Here you can find the Course Info as PDF. German Version.

Here you can find the Course Info as PDF. EnglishVersion.