Workshops & Lectures

  • You value life and would like to get more into your own balance?
  • You are looking for ways to communicate better with your surroundings?
  • You care about our planet?

It is a pleasure for me to pass on my knowledge. The Bodywhispering Workshop offers an add-on to your own Course-Series. Feel free to contact me for terms and conditions.

What is in it for you?

  • Communication on a deep level: Learn the language of your five bodies.
  • Health on a deep level: Achieve a state of well-being and flow.
  • Balance on a deep level: Gain a new appearance and more authenticity in moving, acting and being.
  • Efficiency on a deep level: Learn to live with more ease and to find your reason for being human within.
  • Consciousness on a deep level: Become aware of the yet unknown within and around you.

„This was mindblowing! And now I need to go home and digest.“ (participant in the Bodywhispering Course)

Workshops for Companies:

In the tradition of Zen Buddhism, monks do not go about their work until they have cleaned up within themselves and in the space around them. They meditate, consecrate, and tidy up so that they can fully engage in the tasks that follow. In this sense, leaders are also obliged to meet their employees „tidied up“. Because if there is no background noise that disturbs them from taking clear responsibility and making decisions, a feeling of lightness arises and a sense of trust in each other grows and thrives.

To find out about the workships and / or leadership programs supported by bodywork, please reach out to me.

“Thanks for this perspective change. Since your last visit I used the image of Till Eulenspiegel whenever a challenge appeared and it took the weight away and made me smile in an instant.” (workshop participant after shared visioning process)

Lectures and more:

In the film „Saving Mr Banks“, Walt Disney says to Pamela L Travers, the author of the book Mary Poppins: „… that’s what we storytellers do. We restore order with fantasy. We instil hope again and again and again.“ In these means, I invite you to dive into the kaleidoscope of imagination from the smallest cell of the body to the biggest Universe. Allow yourself to indulge the beauty, powerful stories can create.

To hire me for speeches, feel free to get in touch.

„First I thought you were only invited as the ‚quota woman‘ among all the lecturing sophisticated men and then, without further ado, you were the only one who really carried me away!“ (voice from the audience, Medicinicum Lech 2019)