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„This was mindblowing! And now I need to go home and digest.“ (participant in the Bodywhispering Course)

“Thanks for this perspective change. Since your last visit I used the image of Till Eulenspiegel whenever a challenge appeared and it took the weight away and made me smile in an instant.” (workshop participant after shared visioning process)

„First I thought you were only invited as the ‚quota woman‘ among all the lecturing sophisticated men and then, without further ado, you were the only one who really carried me away!“ (voice from the audience, Medicinicum Lech 2019)


Do your f** homework is the most favorite quote, my students, friends and clients memorize from my sessions and lectures above anything else.

  • for anyone who is personally curious and has the wish to claim ownership over one’s life back, I offer a training which lasts 10 or 20 weeks (2x 10-Week-DYFH-Challenge)
  • for professionals, teams, companies and leaders or specific group processes, the DYFH-Challenge is part of a Life Coaching that I offer in combination with the bodywork.

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„My next tattoo is planned. It will say `Do your f** homework and I am going to place it on my forearm, so that it is present and makes me aware any moment!“ (Simon)

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