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Bodywhispering is like Storytelling together with the entire system: body, energy, psyche, mind, soul. The body acts as tool for translating of what our inner being wants to learn while being alive and express what purpose it is here for, what magic it brings for the world we live in.

„Weird but true. It felt as if I was communicating very deeply and fully filled with trust and love with the Divine Me.“ (Meike)

„It is somehow miraculous. Can it truly be, that my son has changed his whole behavior after just one session?“ (Lisa B.)

„I would like to say thank you again after this past week. Every morning I was amazed, because I felt this happiness in me every day anew. And now I am equipped with the necessary tools to nourish this feeling more and more“. (Tobias L.)

Bodywhispering is profound communication with the deep structures of our body, the so-called fasciae. It is well known that fasciae surround every muscle and organ and are equally important components for our flow of movement, for the optimal use of flexibility, stability, and strength as well as for immunological and psychosomatic processes of our entire system. However, fasciae can do even more. Provided that we communicate with them „at eye level“, they can tell us about our traumas and experiences in life and inform us as well about blockages transmitted by epigenetics or karma. I work together with my clients‘ fasciae on exactly those – often intangible – causes of chronic complaints and allow my clients to dive even deeper into their own system as well as into the universe by adding to the work on the body the intention to question the entire system as far as it allows us to, while we enter the state of flow. It is like a journey through space and time. A journey through all layers of being. From the physical body through all subtle layers to the Source, which we often just call „Bliss“. Or “ Light“. This is how we rewrite information that today is called imbalance or problem into joy of life, lightness, and balance.

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