My Offer


The stories of our lives (the stories of our ancestors) are imprinted in our physical structures. My role is to act as tool (Mediator, Channel) of the communication between my client’s body, mind, and soul and to support the self-healing process in developing further. It is all about claiming ownership. Own being you.„I woke up in joy. My night has not been so good for ages. I am forever grateful for the amazing session yesterday.“ (Chris N.)


Do your f** homework is the most favorite quote, my students, friends and clients memorize from my sessions and lectures above anything else.

  • for anyone who is personally curious and has the wish to claim ownership over one’s life back, I offer a training which lasts 10 or 20 weeks (2x 10-Week-DYFH-Challenge)
  • for professionals, teams, companies and leaders or specific group processes, the DYFH-Challenge is part of a Life Coaching that I offer in combination with the bodywork.

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„My next tattoo is planned. It will say `Do your f** homework and I am going to place it on my forearm, so that it is present and makes me aware any moment!“ (Simon)

Creative Writing

We need new thinking and new acting. We need new stories, meaningful stories, which encourage to serve rather than to exploit our Planet, our resources and ourselves. However, what exactly is “new” and how can we leave boxes behind, cross borders of seemingly safe spaces? How can we courageously walk the path beyond anything we can imagine? Maybe storytelling will help us.

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„It reads as if it was me who wrote it, and it is somehow more complete than I could have ever imagined, …“ (Markus M.)

Reconcile with you inner magic with HAYDENSOULWORK.COM

Workshops and Lectures

Being human is a lifelong lesson. Nowadays, in the complex world, technology is about to overrun us, our mind is tricking us and giving us sleepless nights, our bodies become noisy and supply us with pain, and our energy claims attention with tiredness. It is on us to decide which skills we need to develop further on our paths through life. Is there an easy way to adapt to the global changes for your company? And what role plays bodywhispering?

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„I felt at home from the very beginning. And so I could simply show myself as I am and let all the new experiences sink in. In this way learning feels very light and being me feels very free. Thank you.“ (participant in the Bodywhispering course)