Creative Writing

Writing comes to me as if by itself, and so I write in basically every context and support those who approach me in finding ways to give their thoughts a voice in the form of beautiful melodies of words. I am speaking on conferences on topics like Health, Climate and Storytelling and am also supporting people and organizations in verbally rounding up their Web Content as well as I am the Co-Author for academic papers or the Ghostwriter for articles, books and other projects.

Reach out to me for any request you have, be it: Ghostwriting, Blogging, Web Content, Personal Essays, Speeches, Support and Coaching in Creative Writing Skills (the cost will differ with each project)


and find out more about my storytelling activities and publishings on

„It feels as if my words have been stuck in me for ages, waiting to find a way to finally get out and become written down like this. Now, that we have gone through this whole process, I am very relieved. Thank you.“ (Thomas R.)