Julia Hayden



I am a Bodywhisperer with expertise in

  • Bodywork (Physiotherapy / Rolfing® / Neuro Integrative Therapy / Personal Training)
  • Energy work (Shiatsu / Kinesiology / Yoga / Fascial Fitness / Emotional Release Techniques)
  • Mental Work (Integral Practice / NLP / Storytelling)
  • Soulwork (Channeling / Transcendental Meditation)

„This is extraordinarily beautiful. After the Session, Julia accompanied me whenever I asked for support. I can call her even in the middle of the night, she is always on, unconditionally loving. Until today.“ (Lea M.)

… the interview for „Women Entrepreneurship Week 2020“.

I live and work in Berlin and am a mother of an amazing 17 year old son. I am aware that being a human being in this world is like a miracle and I consider every tiny cell and the great unknown universe as a stakeholder of life. I am grateful for every moment of being aware of the magic that is happening around me and try to live as best as I can as a human being, both for my own well-being and for the well-being and joy of those around me and for our planet Mother Earth. I love learning new things, being in nature, doing sports (climbing, running, yoga) and eating healthy. I write stories (www.gaia-storytelling.com). And I love my son.

„Thank you for the beautiful feeling of lightness of my being..“ (Maria P.)

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