Price and Duration of one Session (in the praxis, via telephone, or online) differ on Request and Need of each Client.

Estimated amount of sessions: 1-5 (My personal  intention is to let my clients understand that healing happens through and within themselves. I accompany you for a short period of time in order to let self-consciousness flourish. We all carry our own therapist within ourselves.)

I work myself through the physical, energetic and psychomental layer of my client and together we enter the more subtle layers of being. In these means, my client can integrate her or his experiences and traumata into the own reality, in order to understand the imbalance and suffering and to create a new story of balance and well-being. My client can initiate a profound transformation process starting from the inner source. Asking kindly for miracles, we find inner magic and carefully allow it to shine through. This all happens in the safe space, which we create together.

Terms and Conditions: Appointments can be cancelled free of charge up to 24 hours in advance, if I am informed at too short notice, I charge half of the agreed amount.

I am looking forward to your request: