Julia Hayden


Find your Treasure Part 1

Dear human friend.

This is step one of five to self-healing — for ourselves and the others and for our beautiful planet earth, Gaia.

Invite and wait.

We can only support those around us who approach us themselves. The ones in need for care, will eventually come as if by magic. All we need to do is stay open and be. And then situations occur, people ask for support, challenges find us.

The son of my client is already in school and still needs a diaper during the night — if he tries to sleep without one, he regularly pees in the bed. This causes a vicious cycle. His mother shouts at him in the morning, because she is tired of washing his bed every day. She tells him to finally grow up, treats him as if he has done something wrong and punishes him. All therapies and doctors do not help, they seem to make it worse. He is not being asked, if he wants to go to these people anyhow. He loses his self-esteem and is not having a sleep-over at any of his friend’s. His father — in return — is giving his mother a bad time. He tells her that she is a failure as mother. And now she has severe pain in her back.

Some months ago, her pain was so bad, that she could not get up at all and she asked me if I could do a home visit, which I did. When I entered the house, I could hardly breathe. So much space and yet no space at all, I thought for myself. My first deed was filling the whole space with life. With love. With compassion. With energy. Then I entered and worked with my client. Her son watched a while. Went away, came back, asked me what I did. I kept on holding the space. For my client. And for him. I listened. I worked on her. And I invited as well him. Smiled at him and sent a message to his inner team to let it know that I am there. Anytime. Any place. Now, that we are connected. My client stood up after a while. She made some movements while he watched her. Then she smiled. “Better.” She said. “Much better. That is magical.” “Well yes,” I answered. “the magic of self-healing lies within you. We only needed to allow it to show itself.” I stayed for a cup of tea.

After a while, the boy approached me and asked: “Do I have self-healing magic in me as well?” That was his question. I nodded. “Can you talk to it and let it show?” This was his next question. I nodded again. “Can you do it now?” he asked. I did.

Inviting and waiting was the key.

Feel invited and awaited.

If people see us struggling in life and believe that they have the ability to help us with the struggles, they often want to help before we might even realize ourselves that we actually need support. Then they push us into something we might not want or like. We cannot cope with it and close ourselves in. What was meant to be good for us, creates often more of a struggle than we have had before. We can only be supported in our self-healing process, once we truly feel that the person supporting us has no expectations and invites us with openness and patience.

Expectations scare us away. We close in. We do not answer honestly to questions and deal with our struggles all by ourselves. “Owning my story.” We call it. And we do own it. Most of the time. The moments when we do not, we would love to be able to lean on a shoulder. But we do not feel invited or awaited. Not by those who are impatiently expecting or nosily digging.

The shoulder by which we feel invited and awaited if we struggle, can be any shoulder. It does not need to be a therapist. It can be anyone. A friend, a neighbor, a stranger.

“I am here, whenever you need me.” My closest friend likes to repeat since I have known her. I can feel her true friendship and there is not any expectation in the tone of her voice. That is, why she was the first to hear my story. Finally, after many years of dealing with myself alone, not facing my struggle as such I opened up to myself. Through opening up to her.

Feeling invited and awaited was the key.

This was lesson 1. And it is the first step into self-healing to invite anyone to share their struggles with us and to feel as well invited to share ours. Any struggles and with anyone. Now, when we finally approach each other and open up, it is time for lesson 2: actively listen to the other — actively listen to yourself.

With a deep bow. Princess Gaia.

© 2024 Julia Hayden

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